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Why to stop damaging your prices and margins from spreadsheet‑like tools.

All pricing professionals are allowed to not suffer day‑to‑day from various pricing incapabilities that spreadsheet-like pricing tools may cause. While spreadsheets are intuitive to use, people using spreadsheets to price experience limitations on an operational level which causes a loss against competitors every day and leaving up to 2-5 % sales margin untaken.
poor knowledge of shoppers’ reaction to prices no price elasticities missing cannibalizations missing cross-effects no optimization poor competition intelligence poor entire assortment focus low control over execution no workflows manual errors limited on data low granularity enabled low ability to react promptly on market changes
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Improved sales margins that do not deter shoppers. Really?

As a pricing professional, you are taking the driver’s seat. You don’t have to worry about not being able to respond to questions from board members about prices and respective impacts. You and your pricing colleagues don’t deal with misalignments when using our single point of pricing truth. Every single minute of your day you are equipped with an answer to any pricing question that comes from any department in your company – you can become a real pricing hero who can exercise frivolity about prices!

Pricing made simple
Complexity captured

All people in retail chains know that making daily prices is complex and highly repetitive. We are well aware that living it daily one might find himself bored and doing the „necessary‑have‑to“ only. No pricing hero can build winning and sustainable margins and competitive prices while focusing only on a specific part of assortment, stores, or competitors while ignoring others. A real pricing hero automates pricing workflows, transfers mathematical calculations to data and machine-learning engines, and works on his own on building the best pricing strategies and tactics for the shining future.

If you are now wondering how to transform inefficiency of your retailing operations into desired margins, revenues, volumes, and market shares, we are excited to show you how to put an end to leaving significant sales margin on the table every day. You can stop that in 3 months from now!

departments categories stores formats KVIs baskets brick&mortar/online/multichannel regions pricing zones competitors brands private labels margins tiers suppliers back bonuses SKUs families promotions bulk prices buy-more-pay-less markdowns

Avoid huge implementation one-off fee.

Have you ever paid a significant fee for pricing tool integration, while the integration or the tool adoption crashed later?

Have you before or after turned towards costly internal pricing tool development?

We all are people whose willingness to pay huge fees upfront under unsure outcomes is low. So many people and companies from the old pricing tools environment work like this. Why? Because they know they will deliver under expectations with their tools developed for the year 2010 not 2023.

Case studies

Automation that lowers potential risk of
manual errors in pricing

“Together with the ability to manage high complexity tasks we value the user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and manage.”

Josef Hovořák
Head of Pricing & Category Management at Koší

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Metro Slovakia had to adjust their strategies
and revise their entire baskets to keep up

“With the support of Yieldigo, we were able to implement a new approach in our pricing strategies.”

Xavier Gardies
Chief Commercial Officer at Metro Cash and Carry Slovakia

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Bringmeister improved the pricing process with Yieldigo

“Since we have been using Yieldigo our processes have become highly automated.”

Michaela Kuliskova
Data Analytics at

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Super-Pharm Leaders Ready to Compete Thanks to Multichannel Pricing

"Yieldigo is a very professional company, they can do a lot - only your data is the limit .”

Mateusz Remus
Business Analysis and
Merchandising Manager at Super-Pharm

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